Pac-Man, “Thriller,” the Berlin Wall, New Coke, The Breakfast Club, and the Cabbage Patch Doll. The 1980s were a time of political change, new technology, bad fashions, and some really memorable pop music.

If you want to relive the best parts of the ’80s, BETAMAXX is the band you need. When this 7-piece, high-energy group from San Diego hits the stage, you’ll hear all the hits you remember, and some you’ve forgotten! With dual male and female lead vocals, a core of veteran musicians and no cheesy backing tracks, BETAMAXX thrills audiences with an authentic ’80s sound. Everyone in the room will crowd the dance floor, no matter the occasion!

BETAMAXX covers the whole range of ’80s music: the rock of Pat Benatar, the glossy pop of Journey, Michael Jackson’s funk, The Smiths’ jangle, and the new wave of Depeche Mode. We know what people love because we loved it when it first hit the charts! The versatility and high level of musicianship within the band allows BETAMAXX to play anything we want.

BETAMAXX regularly plays clubs and casinos as well as private affairs throughout San Diego county. The ’80s music revival is huge right now, and BETAMAXX can be just the ingredient you need. Contact us today to see how adding some ’80s can make your event even more memorable!

“Having worked with BETAMAXX many times, I can honestly say that they really know how to make a party go off! They are one of the most talented and diverse ’80s bands I have had the privilege to work with.” Steve West, Legendary ’80s 91X DJ and Founder, Radio Nigel